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Scholarship Winners 2006

Acclaimed Author Linda Lael Miller Funds Scholarship Program for Women

Spokane, WA — Bestselling novelist turned philanthropist Linda Lael Miller believes that educating a woman will impact endless future generations.

The author of more than 70 novels, Miller put her money where her beliefs are and established the Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women in 2001. This month the Washington author of novels set in the old and new West awarded $1,000 scholarships to ten women. More than 1,400 applied in the sixth round of her self-funded scholarship program.

The unique program, for women 25 and older, allows the grants to be used not only at colleges and universities, but at any accredited institution of learning. Unlike traditional scholarships, a Linda Lael Miller grant may be used not only for tuition and books, but also for daycare, lab supplies and transportation expenses.

The author, whose current novel, McKETTRICK’S LUCK, scored #4 on the New York Times list hopes the grants will enable the winners to demonstrate to their children and to their children’s children that a woman can overcome adversity and succeed, through education.

The winners of her 2006 scholarships are:

Holly Bloesser, 34, of Mather, CA

Holly Bloesser She is a single mother who battled homelessness, addiction and extreme poverty after following in the footsteps of her mother, who also struggled with drugs.

“I became pregnant and made the momentous decision to give up my unhealthy lifestyle and raise my baby differently than I myself had been raised. I abandoned everything and everyone I knew to start over,” Bloesser said.

Thanks to her tenacity, Bloesser has received her Associates Degree in Social Sciences. She is working toward a bachelor’s degree at California State University-Sacramento.

Carey Frost, 32, of Adrian, MI

Carey Frost She was a housewife and divorced mother of two who had given up her dreams for a higher education. Three years ago she moved back to her childhood home and registered for classes at a nearby community college she would attend while working full time.

Frost is working toward a degree in Applied Science for Law Enforcement from Jackson Community College. She aspires to work in Homeland Security while teaching her children to never give up on their dreams.

“Despite my situation, Linda helped bring back a little of what I lost over the years-faith and hope,” Frost said. “After reading Linda’s books, I picked up some of the traits that her characters had: courage in the face of fear, determination and perseverance.”