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Scholarship Winners 2006

Acclaimed Author Linda Lael Miller Funds Scholarship Program for Women

Spokane, WA — Bestselling novelist turned philanthropist Linda Lael Miller believes that educating a woman will impact endless future generations.

The author of more than 70 novels, Miller put her money where her beliefs are and established the Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women in 2001. This month the Washington author of novels set in the old and new West awarded $1,000 scholarships to ten women. More than 1,400 applied in the sixth round of her self-funded scholarship program.

The unique program, for women 25 and older, allows the grants to be used not only at colleges and universities, but at any accredited institution of learning. Unlike traditional scholarships, a Linda Lael Miller grant may be used not only for tuition and books, but also for daycare, lab supplies and transportation expenses.

The author, whose current novel, McKETTRICK’S LUCK, scored #4 on the New York Times list hopes the grants will enable the winners to demonstrate to their children and to their children’s children that a woman can overcome adversity and succeed, through education.

The winners of her 2006 scholarships are:

Rebecca Rice of South Pittsburg, TN

She caught the attention of the Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women judging panel with her simple introduction. “I do not have a unique or dramatic story. In fact, my story is all too typical.”

Rice, a factory worker for ten years, found motivation to change her circumstances when she went through a divorce and heard that the plant she worked for might close. She chose a nursing career and earned a 4.0 grade point average in her first year of studies.

“When I graduate in spring of 2008 and pass those board exams, I will be in glory!” Rice said. “Doing something meaningful and fulfilling while being self-sufficient and providing security for my family seems hard to beat.”

Maureen Muzorewa, 55, of Madison, WI

Returning to school after 30 years in the workforce, she demonstrated that it is never too late to pursue an education, and a lifelong goal, despite the added financial obligations of college tuition.

“There have been many times now in my adult life that I have reflected back to the time when my father asked me to attend college. I have thought of how my life would have been different,” Muzorewa said about her decision not to enroll then. “There is a saying, ‘You have made your bed, now you have to lay in it.'”

After raising a son on her own and working two jobs, Muzorewa knows now is the time to take care of herself and prepare for the future. She enrolled at Upper Iowa University and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management.

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