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Scholarship Winners 2005

Linda Lael Miller Awards Scholarships To Women Who Overcome Adversity

Spokane, WA — A Washington author who knows what it’s like to struggle is awarding scholarships this week to six women 25 years and older who have overcome such adversities as spousal abuse and the death of children to pursue their educational dreams.

The grants, from $800 to $1000, are Linda Lael Miller’s way of helping women who don’t usually qualify for traditional scholarships. Moreover, Linda Lael Miller’s Scholarships for Women may be used not only for tuition and books but also for childcare, transportation and other expenses not usually covered by scholarships

This is the fifth year for Miller’s self-funded scholarship competition. The New York Times bestselling author of more than 70 novels about women who succeed despite overwhelming odds said more than 1000 entered this year’s competition. Entries were judged based on essays that convey why the applicants need the funds and what an impact a scholarship would have on their lives and the lives of their families.

Once a struggling single parent, Miller endured her share of hardships before her talent and perseverance paid off and her books scored berths on all the major bestseller lists. Her next novel, McKETTRICK’S CHOICE, a sweeping historical set in Arizona and Texas, will be published by HQN Books in March.

About her program, Miller said, from her home outside Spokane, “Educate a woman, and you will impact endless future generations. These grants enable the winners to demonstrate to their children and to their children’s children that a woman can overcome adversity and succeed, through education.”

The winners of 2005 Linda Lael Miller’s Scholarships for Women are:

April Thomas, 32, of Cary, NC

April Thomas After leaving a physically abusive marriage, she lost everything except the clothes on her back.

“My ex-husband burned my house down, and I had to move out of state to start over. I just hope somebody else in a similar situation can see that there is a way out, and if they can find that opening to take it and break free,” Thomas said.

Thomas studies nursing at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, NC. Aspiring to work as a trauma nurse, Thomas divides her time between school, clinical hours at the hospital, serving as senator for the student association and attending Phi Beta Kappa meetings.

Angela Monroe, 31, of Lee’s Summit, MO

Angela Monroe She is a single mother of six boys ages four months to 14 years, one of whom is deaf. A recovered alcoholic and survivor of a 10-year abusive relationship, Monroe is interested in healing on all levels. She aspires to open a rehabilitation institute that will offer mind, body and spirit renewing.

“I want to show people with addictive personalities that healing is a process that takes place once you’ve truly admitted a problem,” Monroe said.

She attends the University of Missouri – Kansas City and maintains a 3.0 GPA. With six pairs of eyes constantly looking to her as an example, she seeks to gain her bachelor’s degree, demonstrating perseverance, responsibility, commitment and discipline.