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Will I Ever Learn? :)

I’m smart in a lot of ways, and I say that without bragging. I’m not, it would seem, the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to changing my diet.

Here’s what happened. I quit smoking, and I started to put on weight. Since I’d kept my last weight loss off for nearly two years, I wasn’t happy about that. I like wearing little jeans, and not just from vanity–I’m not actually a very big person, bone structure and height-wise. I don’t feel like myself when I’m heavier.

So, okay. The most important thing is, I’m staying a nonsmoker, for good. I decided I was ready to stop the weight gain and–here’s where the dim-bulb comes in–I wanted to do something that would be easy, a no-brainer, so to speak. (Truer than I am comfortable admitting, my friends.) I ordered Nutrisystem. After all, Marie Osmond looks pretty good, right? (Of course, she always did, didn’t she?) In my imagination, I saw the steaming lasagna, the hamburgers, the good stuff. What arrived (because somehow I didn’t find the good stuff option, which of course involves up-ordering) is a bunch of dry “food” packaged to last into the next millenium. Well, that’s my plan. I’m keeping it in the garage in case of disaster.

What was I thinking? Will I never learn?

I would have been better off to buy Weight Watchers frozen entrees, which I at least know and like, until I got back in the portion control groove.

This blog is in no way intended to dissaude you from trying Nutrisystem (my brother-in-law has had great success with it and likes the food), if that’s your thing. I’m just telling you about my own experience: this is not for me.

I need to learn to trust myself again, where food is concerned, and I can do that.


And again.

And a few times more after that.

It is interesting, being me. :)

Make it a good day.

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