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Thank you for all your wonderful and heart-touching comments on yesterday’s blog.  You definitely reminded me of a point worth mentioning: the folks on the home-front deserve our help, encouragement and understanding also.  My hat is off to everyone who ‘holds down the fort’ back home, while their soldier is serving.  Having lived in Port Orchard, WA for many years, near the Naval installations at Bremerton and Bangor, I’ve known a lot of Navy wives, especially, and also extended families, of course.  Debbie Korrell and Harriet Vick, this means you, among others.  Military wives–and these days the term would more … Read More »

That darn dog…mac and cheese…and Martha

Bernicie got me up at 3:00 this morning–granted, I usually rise at 4:00 anyhow–so I figured I might as well roll out, especially since she was standing on my chest.  :)  The cats do that, by turns, but for the Yorkster, it’s a new trick.  She wanted to go outside–funny, but she’s not always that picky in her habits, if you know what I mean–so I let her out, tuned in to the Daily Audio Bible, brewed coffee.  (I have one of those one-cup dealies and I’d cleaned it yesterday–after several rinses, my first sip of java tasted like soap–so there … Read More »