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Back Among the Living….mostly

Wow.  Do whatever you can to avoid getting this bug, whatever it is.  I’m finally able to write again–after days (and nights) of ups and downs.  To the blog-reader who suggested putting Vicks on the soles of my feet and wearing socks, THANK YOU.  There was no instantaneous healing, but it did make me feel better–Mom always slathered us in Vicks when we got sick as kids, so it might be psychological, but who cares?  It works.  Other things that helped were chicken soup and hot tea.

Last week’s contest winners: Nadine Spradlin and Mary Clayton–congratulations.  From now on, at Read More »

Back in action

Well, there were more blog problems over the weekend, but here I am again.  LAST week’s winners were Cecelia Kelsey and Donna Harris.  Congratulations, ladies.  Now, a NEW round begins, so get those comments in.

As it sometimes presents a problem when old books are re-released with new covers–per the comment about this year’s holiday hardcover–here’s how to tell if a book has been in print before.  Check the copyright page.  There, you will see a line that reads “Copyright (year) by Linda Lael Miller”.  Since books are often released multiple times, for those who haven’t seen them before, there … Read More »

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