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Got rocks? :)

They just keep arriving, via UPS and the postal service–the picture Jasper, the incredibly lovely “Picasso” Jasper, the opal-like Labradorite, the gentle blue jade, the medicinal flourite….around here, every day is Christmas, it seems like.  🙂

I have gemstones on my desk, on my nightstand, in the middle of my kitchen table.  I wear at least one at all times.

And I’m learning a lot as I go along–for instance, black obsidian, wonderful for getting rid of negative energies, is nonetheless so strong that it can be overpowering without rose quartz to mellow it out a bit.  (Lots of drama … Read More »

Back in action

Well, there were more blog problems over the weekend, but here I am again.  LAST week’s winners were Cecelia Kelsey and Donna Harris.  Congratulations, ladies.  Now, a NEW round begins, so get those comments in.

As it sometimes presents a problem when old books are re-released with new covers–per the comment about this year’s holiday hardcover–here’s how to tell if a book has been in print before.  Check the copyright page.  There, you will see a line that reads “Copyright (year) by Linda Lael Miller”.  Since books are often released multiple times, for those who haven’t seen them before, there … Read More »