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Thank you for all your wonderful and heart-touching comments on yesterday’s blog.  You definitely reminded me of a point worth mentioning: the folks on the home-front deserve our help, encouragement and understanding also.  My hat is off to everyone who ‘holds down the fort’ back home, while their soldier is serving.  Having lived in Port Orchard, WA for many years, near the Naval installations at Bremerton and Bangor, I’ve known a lot of Navy wives, especially, and also extended families, of course.  Debbie Korrell and Harriet Vick, this means you, among others.  Military wives–and these days the term would more … Read More »

Perchance to Dream

I often wonder what my dreams mean–not that I usually remember them at all.  When I do, I figure it must mean something.  I’ve often puzzled over a dream I used to have about Sadie, my late and very beloved beagle–she was driving away in a beige Ford Fairlane, braking for a stop sign, while I pursued on foot, yelling for her to come back.  Instead, she signalled a left turn and pulled on out into light traffic.  :)  She was quite a good driver, for a dog.  I was afraid, for a while, that the dream was a premonition of … Read More »