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Susan Carroll, Colorado Springs, CO

Susan Carroll believes her struggles with Ommen’s Syndrome, a rare genetic disease, has been a blessing—a blessing she’s had to accept—but a blessing, nonetheless.

“I sincerely believe that people who have to struggle through life, people who find that things just do not come easily—even small basic things—are blessed. They are blessed because they know what it means to truly struggle so that when little hiccups come in life they don’t sweat it. They know what it means to truly struggle so they deeply appreciate when things go well.”

Carroll’s known health struggles all her life. At 5 months old, she received a bone marrow transplant and then developed graph versus host disease. Later she developed skin cancer. When she felt her health conditions were under control, the 28-year-old decided to go to college to study psychology.

“I dream of becoming a pediatric psychologist,” said Carroll. “I’d like to work in a hospital counseling chronically ill children and their families, in the hopes of helping them cope in a healthy way with their illness—and life in general. I feel that, although life can offer hard knocks, it is my job to take those hard knocks and offer a helping hand and a listening ear to those in need.”

Carroll will use the scholarship to pay for books.

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