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Sheree Ann Morgan, California

Sheree Ann Morgan described her family growing up as “character enriching.”

As a rape and sexual assault survivor, Morgan lived in foster care and attended 22 different schools. At 17, she became pregnant and dropped out of high school. Committed to learning, however, Morgan passed the GED test and began attending a community college after the birth of her third child. Divorce, however, derailed her educational plans again.

Successfully sending all her kids off to college, Morgan expected to enjoy “her time” heading toward retirement. Her story changed when she lost her position as a legal secretary.

“After two years of unemployment, I realized my only hope of becoming employable at my age was to go back to school and earn my bachelor’s degree,” said Morgan.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Azusa Pacific University, Morgan wants to work with sexual abuse survivors. “I believe I have a keen understanding of how long the healing process takes, and how many hearts and hands it takes to put a broken person back together. Through this, I have learned sexual assault is something which happened to me, but it is not who I am.”

In the meantime, to cut costs, Morgan lives on-campus in the dorms with students younger than her own children. “It may sound crazy at my age, but it is the most practical option for me as I would not have had readily available transportation to and from school.”

Morgan will use the $1,000 scholarship for tuition, books and housing.

“In spite of the hardships that I have endured during this difficult period of my life,” said Morgan. “I am determined to turn things around and eventually work in an environment where I can make a difference in someone’s life.”

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