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Rebecca Kolar, Edmond, OK

Rebecca Kolar fondly recalls when she was happily married and pregnant with her second child.

“My life was magical, and I was so very happy,” Kolar said.

Her daughter was born eight weeks early, tiny and struggling to breathe. The little baby survived and joined the family at six weeks old. Just over a year later, the toddler suffered a stroke.

“My daughter’s entire right side was paralyzed,” said Kolar. “She’s dealt with years and years of therapy and medication. After my daughter’s illness, my marriage failed. I look back and try to understand how I made it through such difficult times, and it was always with the help of wonderful, caring nurses.”

With her children grown and doing well, Kolar, 45, decided to fulfill her dream of becoming a labor and delivery nurse. Kolar said she feels grateful that she has the opportunity to give back in the same way that the nurses helped her daughter.

Kolar’s advice for overcoming adversity: “Look for the silver lining in everything; it is there—you must look through your tears sometimes to find it.”

Kolar will pay for tuition with the scholarship.

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