#1 NYT bestselling author Linda Lael Miller

Jennifer Key, Kansas City, KS

At age 23, Jennifer Key decided to take life into her own hands. She made peace with her father’s suicide and her mother’s addiction, left her abusive husband of eight years and returned to school.

Today, at age 28, the mother of five has completed her GED and is a full-time student studying to be an attorney.

“I would like to eventually work in the social services field,” said Key. “I want to work in a position that allows me to help make the quality of other people’s lives better.”

Key volunteers at the local domestic abuse shelter and serves on the board of a youth soccer association. She said her children and her goals keep her motivated.

“Each one of us is blessed with special abilities and talents, and adversity adds character,” said Key. “For me, adversity has allowed me to see in a positive way what others would see negatively.”

Key will use her scholarship award to pay for gas and tuition toward a degree in law and society.

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