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Heidi McCurdy, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

Heidi McCurdy As a struggling single mother, Heidi McCurdy has found solace through expressing herself creatively. With crippling knee injuries and a paycheck nowhere in sight, McCurdy relied on her creative spirit for inspiration and motivation.

“I have learned that it’s vital to maintain hope for the future, even if the present seems enormously difficult,” said McCurdy, 38. “The nature of life is change, and just as things sometimes get worse, they also get better.”

McCurdy dreams of using expressive arts therapy with women who are depressed, in transition, or recovering from trauma, as well as with children with learning disabilities.

“I’d like to guide a creative experience into a therapeutic and emotionally healing one,” said McCurdy.

Her scholarship award will go toward tuition in an expressive arts therapy program.

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