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Deana Becker, Los Angeles, CA

Deana Becker About a year after Deana Becker’s son was diagnosed with autism, she noticed that her child was mesmerized by TV shows. The pre-schooler, now 6, who had lost his ability to communicate, began to imitate the dialogue he heard on screen.

“I took full advantage of his new interest,” said Becker, 40, “and I exposed him to as much educational television as I could. By using the television as a learning tool, I was able to engage in dialogue with him.”

The realization sparked an idea and then a goal. Becker dreams of creating TV shows for children with special needs.

“My goal is to one day create programming that will be the standard by which all children’s television will be judged,” said Becker, who’s pursuing a degree in film making.

What wisdom has Becker gained from life’s struggles? “You are usually capable of much more than others expect of you. Look at obstacles as another opportunity to succeed and feel as if you’ve conquered the world.”

She will apply her scholarship award toward student fees.

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