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Anne Phillips, San Diego, CA

Anne Phillips Anne Phillips said she has witnessed the “divine power of nurses.” When her father was dying of lung cancer, nurses helped make him comfortable before his death.

“Nurses are the liaison between the physician and the patient, between life and death of a patient. They are the angels,” said Phillips.

The oldest of nine children in a poor, rural, Nebraska family, Phillips began college at 19 to study to be a doctor. She became pregnant and postponed her dreams. She devoted herself to caring for her three children. When her youngest child graduated college in May 2009, Phillips picked up her medical field goals again.

“I dream of being a hospice or home health care nurse in a rural area,” said Phillips. “The need is great for compassionate, well-trained nurses to maintain quality of life at home for long-term patients. I have seen the way quality nursing care improves a patient’s sense of peace. I want to extend this to the patient’s home care.”

Phillips’ advice to women battling life’s challenges: “Always put your family first. Raising healthy, happy children is the most important job you’ll ever do.”

Phillips will apply her scholarship toward tuition.

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