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Oh, what ANOTHER beautiful morning!

I’m high on the weather.  There you have it.  I am officially addicted to sunshine.  Haven’t started writing yet, but Bernice and I have made the first barn visit of the day–we’ll go again this afternoon.  The Yorkie’s new trick is to stand on the hay bales, at chest level with me, and sniff around like crazy.  What’s funny is that she’s so BUSY the whole time, Yorkie-agenda.  All she needs is a little clipboard and a pair of rhinestone trimmed glasses on a chain and she’d look the part.  :)  Anyway, we come back covered in hay, both of us.  That’s country livin’ for you.

The physical went well–more meds, more vitamins.  Getting older is a challenge, but it sure beats the alternative, doesn’t it?  I still need to get a mammogram, etc., but most of my questions were answered.  Turns out the soreness in my left foot is (most likely) something called a Morton’s neuroma.  (I hope I spelled that correctly.  I worked at Rockwood Clinic years ago, and knew some terminology then, but there were still dinosaurs on Division Street at the time, which gives you an idea of how long it’s been.)  I might be able to fix this with a steroid shot from the podiatrist, but in the meantime I have to use an exercise bike instead of walking, doctor’s orders.

Alas.  I’ll bet you’re bored crazy with all this medical stuff–don’t you just hate it when people tell you about every little ache and pain?  :)

I’m working today–can’t wait–and will probably pack some of the art supplies I’ve gathered for the art retreat in Californa, May 29 through June 4–I WILL be blogging–and my niece Kelly is supposed to stop by for a visit.  She’s in town for some schooling.

Have a terrific weekend.

I certainly intend to.