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Why I Write the Books I Write

Working on the Country books, starting with Country Strong, I’ve found myself thinking about what’s important to me—and to so many of you, my dear readers, as you’ve kindly told me—and how these elements are reflected in my stories.  They appear in all my contemporary books and, in a different way, in my historical fiction.

I decided (for no reason other than that it makes me feel organized!) to do this in alphabetical order. Here’s what really matters to me:

Animals. This won’t surprise anyone who’s read my books. My family, my friends and I all consider ourselves—and call … Read More »

The Magic of Seed Catalogs

Few things brighten a dreary winter day like the arrival of a seed catalog or, better yet, several of them.  The covers are always brilliantly colorful, overflowing with blue-ribbon produce and/or glorious flowers, and inside those pages, well, the magic continues.  If you happen to be a gardener, that is.

I love to study all the glorious possibilities, from the mundane to the exotic, and, like many people, I’m definitely guilty of over-ordering.  For instance, I just sent for three magnolia trees–magnolia trees, in Spokane!–but, hey, the blurb says the trees are hardy in zones 5-9.  Our zone is Read More »