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Winners and an Update

This week’s winners are: Doris Richard Ellis and Debbie Petrouske.  Each of you will receive an autographed copy of one of my books.  The new round begins today; as usual, entering is as simple as posting a comment.  Two winners, chosen at random, will be notified, announced on this blog–each will receive a signed book.

I am well, for all practical intents and purposes, but I do run out of energy fairly quickly–I’ve been told by other veterans of C-diff that full recovery can take a long time.  So, I must pace myself, which is probably a good idea anyway, now that I’m no spring chicken.  :)

I’ll be heading down to Portland, Oregon on Wednesday to attend the Historical Novel Society Conference, and I’m really looking forward to that.  What a fabulous opportunity to learn, make new friends, and catch up with old ones.  I’m back on Sunday, only to gear up for another trip to Gettysburg, this time for the big re-enactment.  You can expect lots of pictures, stories and videos.  Jen is going along, and we’ll be seeing our good friends, Sandy Pennesse, Janet Wahl and Cynthia Taylor.

I’ve finally given up on Paleo and gone back to Weight Watchers–the only program I can really live with.  Not that I ever actually left–my meeting is full of wonderful, inspiring people, and our leader is terrific–but I didn’t count points.  Now, I’ve recommitted; I’m tracking what I eat and, in order to get back in step, I’ve subscribed to the new WW Fresh program; each week, I receive 7 lunches and 7 suppers, pre-made by chefs.  Breakfast and snacks are easy–all fruits and vegetables are “free” on WW–thank heaven.  The food is delicious and filling, and I actually have some trouble getting in all the points I’m supposed to have in a given day.  I won’t keep having the meals delivered indefinitely, but they’re perfect for a transition–and SO much better than the frozen stuff from the supermarket.

The last of the peonies are in glorious, spendthrift bloom, so beautiful that they take my breath away.  This year, I didn’t cut any for bouquets, preferring to leave them as they are, nodding on their bushes, so heavy they droop.  

This morning, thumbing through a copy of “Grit”, I saw a blurb about the solar eclipse (total) coming up on July 21.  (I remember when “Grit” was a tabloid-style newspaper, sold door to door.  Now it’s a slick magazine.)  I’m excited about this rare celestial event, and I’ve ordered special goggles to protect my eyes, so that I can really see the phenomenon.  I stayed up half the night to watch the last lunar eclipse, and it was well worth the sleep I lost in the process.

I’m keeping up my bullet journal and, as always, listening to/reading tons of books.  :)  Recently, I’ve listened to Julia Glass, Lisa Unger, and Gail Godwin, all favorite authors of mine.  There were others, some I couldn’t finish, though those shall go unnamed, since I never shoot down another writer’s work, as I’ve said before.  I’m learning a lot from the Great Courses, too–as you probably know, or could guess, these are college lectures on a wide variety of subjects.  I recently finished “Becoming a Great Essayist”, “How the Stock Market Works” and others, and now I’m into “Great Masters: Mozart”, which is fascinating and, naturally, sprinkled with dazzling notes of this incredible composer’s musical genius.  Like most writers, I’m interested in just about everything.  

That’s the blog for today.  See you soon.



After you’ve watched Anne Lamott’s wonderful talk–and I  hope you will–be sure to comment.  That’s all it takes to put your name in for next week’s prizes–two blog-buddies will be chosen at random, notified, and announced right here.  Each will receive an autographed copy of my latest.

What have I been doing?  Mostly, catching up on things that fell by the wayside while I was under the weather.  I visited my mom yesterday, and we went out to lunch (Caesar salads and fish-and-chips all around, though neither of us managed to finish the food), made a quick trip to Target, and called it a day.  Although I am essentially recovered, I still have to conserve my energy.  That might have more to do with turning 68 Saturday than my recent round of flu-followed-by-c-diff!

Big plans for the summer.  I’m headed to Portland, Oregon on the 21st, to attend a conference put on by the Historical Novelists’ Society, then, on the 29th, I’m heading for Gettysburg for the big re-enactment of the famous battle of July 1, 2 and 3, 1863, which takes place annually and attracts  huge crowds.  Thousands of re-enactors show up, Confederates and Yankees alike, as well as a number of other Civil War types, so you can imagine what a spectacle this will be.  I hope to be posting some photos and videos on Facebook and here on the blog as well.  I’ve wanted to see this event for years, but never managed to snag a hotel room before now–I reserved it months and months ago.  

I’ll be speaking at the South Hill branch of the Spokane Public Library in September, and if you live in the area, I’d love to see you there.  Exact date and other info to follow very soon.

And that’s the news that’s fit to print, for today, anyway.  :)