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Winners and a Brief Update

Winners are: Valia Smith and Elma Lamoureux.  Congratulations, Valia and Elma!  New contest in progress; as always, just comment.  Two winners will be chosen at random, notified, and posted here.  Each will receive an autographed copy of my latest book.

Now, for the update.  I am still under the weather.  I became dehydrated and went in yesterday for an IV, and I was given some tests, mainly to diagnose or rule out a condition called c-diff, which results from overuse of antibiotics.  Ironically, it is treated with more of the same.  :)  It is highly contagious (who knew?) so no one can come near me except for one ranch hand, Kat, who has already been exposed.  It certainly makes a person grateful for ordinary good health!

That’s all the news that’s fit to print.  (Trust me, some of it isn’t.)

Back to the Blog

That flu everyone’s talking about?  It’s REAL.  I have been sick for over three weeks–as in, stay-in-my-pajamas, sleep-in-the-daytime, cough-and-snuffle sick.  I’ve been out of the house exactly twice, for very short forays, which always ended with Advil, more pajamas, and the vaporizer.  After two full cycles of antibiotics, I’m better, but still far from well.  I couldn’t visit my mom on Easter Sunday, for fear of giving her the plague, and I didn’t even notice that my daffodils were in bloom until someone kindly pointed them out!

I listened to numerous books–lots of them by Kate White, the former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, and discovered the Vimala Alphabet.  :)  My life may never be the same!  Vimala Rodgers is an expert in handwriting analysis, and her book, Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life, absolutely blew me away!  The premise is that changing our handwriting actually changes the wiring in our brains, and Ms. Rodgers has invented her own alphabet, based on this theory.  I needed another passionate interest like I needed the proverbial hole in my head, but I am definitely hooked on this fascinating process–every morning, after tending to the dogs and the cat, I brew a cup of coffee and sit down to practice this new way of writing.  I do love an experiment.  :)  As I’ve said on previous blogs, I find the failures as gratifying as the successes–go figure.  I’ve always been a little different.  :)

The weekly contest is back up and running, as of today.  The rules are the same as always–if you comment, you are entered in that week’s round.  Two winners will be chosen at random and announced next Monday or Tuesday, right here on the blog.  Each will receive an autographed copy of my latest book, Forever a Hero.

I will be at the Romantic Times conference in Atlanta in early May.  If you’re headed there, too, please be sure to say ‘howdy’.  

I’ve missed you these many days.