#1 NYT bestselling author Linda Lael Miller
First Blog

Girlfriends (and guys), we gotta start meeting like this!

Here I sit, on another beautiful Arizona morning, gearing up to work on ONE LAST LOOK, which is the final story in the my thriller look book series that began with DON’T LOOK NOW. (DLN is out in paperback now, along with book two, NEVER LOOK BACK, in the continuing adventures of Clare Westbrook, smart-ass attorney — my alter ego — and Tony Sonterra, hot cop extraordinaire). I’m going to love this blog business — how great to be able to communicate on a daily basis.

I’ll share stories about my favorite furry folks, Sadie, the Beagle, and Bernice Matisse, the Yorkie, aka Blog Dog; the cats, Cha Cha and Jitterbug, both night marauders, and the horses, Buck, Skye, Banjo, and Coco.

You’ll be privy to my latest and greatest adventures, like Monday night when I get to be the murderer in a mystery party for a local charity group. I’ve never been a murderer before. No doubt, you’re relieved to hear that.

Right now, it’s all about the romantic suspense stories, but soon I’ll be telling you about McKETTRICK’S CHOICE, a big, meaty western romance coming from HQN in April 2005. And when I finish ONE LAST LOOK, I’ll start THE MAN FROM STONE CREEK, another western, with an Arizona Ranger posing as a schoolmaster in a small Arizona Territory town, circa 1903. Also coming: an opus called THE PETTICOAT CATTLE COMPANY. Think LONESOME DOVE in skirts!

So much to tell you.

Tune in tomorrow.