#1 NYT bestselling author Linda Lael Miller
Miscellaneous Linda Factoids

I’m a huge fan of “Dog, the Bounty Hunter.”

You’ve got to love a guy named Dog.

I marked the season premiere of “Starting Over” on my calendar. Who IS the father of Josie’s baby? In twenty minutes, I’ll know. (Hey, I’m on my lunch hour.)

I can hardly wait for the next Harry Potter.

Tune in tomorrow.

I’m fickle

While I am totally embroiled in the current Clare & Tony adventure, I admit to flirting with Sam O’Ballivan, the sexy hero of my next historical…he’s an Arizona Ranger, posing as a small town schoolmaster, circa 1903. HQN will publish the book as “The Man From Stone Creek.”

Tom Berrenger could play Sam.


Hold on, Sam. I’ve got to think about Clare & Tony for now!