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National K-9 Veterans Day

I recently saw a blurb in Woman’s World magazine about a day to celebrate the four-legged soldiers who support our troops, and I was immediately onboard.  Dogs (and other service animals) make an enormous contribution to the human race, not only in the Armed Forces, but as companions and guides.  If you’ve read COUNTRY STRONG, you’ve already met Trooper, J.P.’s canine pal, one of my favorite characters in the “Country” series.  My own two rescues, Mowgli and Tule (pronounced Toolie), have seen me through some challenging times, and I’m sure many of you could tell similar stories about that special critter–or critters–that made a difference in your life or the life of someone you know.

You can check out the Support Our Troops Military Paws Support Program at SupportOurTroops.org/k-9-soldier-treats, where you will find lists of items to donate as well as opportunities to support soldiers and their families.

Naturally, our local shelters are always in need of donations, too–not just money, but food, of course, and cleaning supplies, such as bleach.  

I’ll be back with more blogs soon.  In the meantime, I hope you’ll reach out and pat your pet(s)–and tell ’em I said howdy.




First of All, Thank You

Your kind words mean the world to me!  Thank you so much for reaching out.

Today, I have some questions for you.  Please respond in the comments below this blog:

1) Would you be interested in an LLM podcast or YouTube channel?  I would interview other authors, talk about my own books or books I have read and enjoyed, answer questions from listeners/viewers, etc.  (The one topic I won’t touch–politics!)

2) Would you like to see pictures, here and/or on Instagram or Facebook, of my artwork, my gardening projects, pets, etc.?  I’m into composting, and I keep worm bins, which might gross some of you out.  :)

3)Do you enjoy blogs about my hobbies, or would you rather I only blog about my books?

4)If you live in the Spokane area, would you be interested in meet-ups?  Lunch with Linda, etc.?  There would be a charge, as reasonable as I can make it, to cover my latest book and the food, but I would be available to chat, answer questions, sign books and the like.  I would be willing to do similar events in other cities if enough people sign up in advance. 

5) Would you be interested in online book clubs, where we would discuss my books via Skype or some other modern communication system I do not understand?  :)  (Fortunately, my nephew Dustin is an IT wiz, so all these things are doable.)