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A Writing Day

Today is a writing day–the most precious kind.

It’s also my “free meal” day, which means I get my single glass of wine and whatever else I decide to cook for supper.  This is strange new territory for me, not to be hankering after one particular food, or wanting to hit a favorite restaurant–I could just as easily eat another pre-prepared meal as not.  There are so many things to think about in this modern age; it’s great that food isn’t one of them.  It will be interesting to see how the D.I.E.T. holds up during the Toronto visit and later in the month, when Debbie Macomber and I are getting together in Seattle to attend a holiday party.  So many of you have asked what program I’m on.  It’s called BistroMD–daughter Wendy told me about it.  I’ve lost 27 pounds and I’m down a size in my jeans, too.  The plan is delicious, well-balanced, and fairly expensive–those are the bare facts.  It works for me, and that’s all I can say on the subject with any authority.  :)

On the art front, I’ve fallen in love with encaustics–painting with wax.  I can get lost in it.  :)  Hence my strict rule: until the writing is done, no experiments in the craft room.  However, I get some of my best ideas when I’m brushing beeswax onto a surface–and the smell of the stuff is heavenly.

Bernice is just back from her morning walk with Jenni.  She gets so excited over these little sojourns, and is seriously cute following a recent grooming by the very versatile Mary Ann.  The Canadian Wrangler is down with a very sore throat, but Chris, our weekend man, is on duty, so the horses are well taken care of.  Now that it’s getting cold, they like to go in at night, each one tucked up in a cozy stall.  When it’s warm, forget it.  Those cayuses want no part of the barn–give them the wide open spaces.  (As in, their pasture.)

It’s time to head for Parable.

Be kind.

2 comments to “A Writing Day”

  1. Hilda
      · November 10th, 2011 at 7:14 pm · Link

    Oh, to be a horse in your barn (or outside of it)! Lucky beasts!

  2. Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life
      · November 30th, 2011 at 3:09 am · Link

    i need to back up quite a bit and find your "d.i.e.t." information.but… do you have any place where you have a "McKettrick" and/or "Creed" lineage list? i'm reading all the books but i know i'm not in the correct order and i'm having trouble connecting the main characters to other characters. i commented on one of your blog posts (a while back) that i had found a pretty healthy error in a mckettrick christmas story. even though i don't take the time to properly capitalize in my comments, i'm actually a technical writer by trade and do a lot of editing. by the time i get to blogging, i just want to "type."

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