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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

It’s true.  My heroes have always been cowboys, and they probably always will.  #1, of course, is my late, great dad, Grady “Skip” Lael.  

This month, on March 21, my new contemporary western romance, “Forever A Hero”, will be available wherever books are sold, as well as online.  Mace Carson, of Mustang Creek, Wyoming, is both a hero and a cowboy, and he’s a vintner, too.  He’s rough and tumble and all man, and he’s not afraid to wade in and fight when the need arises.  A true cowboy never turns his back on trouble, and Mace is no exception.  

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The Book is Done!

Well, mostly done.  There will be revisions, but the story is complete.  I finished yesterday afternoon, and I think I was in shock for the rest of the evening.  I made supper, took a relaxing bath, went to bed and listened to a good part of Naomi Judd’s new book, “River of Time.”  As a big fan of the Judds, I found the book incredibly interesting, though parts of it made me very sad.  Many of you will remember her struggle with Hepatitis C; there is treatment for this virus today, but when Judd suffered from it, the prognosis was

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.