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My Funny Valentines






Above: Mowgli.  He’s a year old and a real pistol!

Below: Toulee (pronounced Too-lee), five years old and as sweet a dog as I’ve ever met.  They arrived last night, in the care of my good friend Gail Mackie of Spokanimal, and received a rousing welcome from everybody but Wiki and Button, the cats, who are reserving judgment.  (But curious, as cats tend to be. :))  Both pups are kennel trained and slept through the night, thereby allowing their new mama to do the same.  They’re settling in nicely, and will no doubt win the cats

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Day 86 and This Week’s Winners

First, our winners: Denise Smith and Alice Harnisch.  Jenni will be in contact soon, asking for your snail mail info, and then you’ll each receive an autographed book.  The new contest begins today: just comment, and you’re in.  Jenni will draw two winners at random and your names will be posted right here next Monday.

I’m on Day 86 of keeping my gratitude journal in the new way and have no plans to stop, ever.  In fact, when I did the Valentine’s Day signing at Barnes and Noble yesterday, I stocked up on new journals, just to have them on

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.