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Hello from the Summer Slacker

My only hope is that all of you are slacking off a little bit, too.  Otherwise, I will be consumed by guilt.  :)

I had a good day at Weight Watchers yesterday; down 1.4 pounds.  YES!  At long last, I seem to be headed in the right direction again.  As I’ve probably mentioned, I’ve been okay with the numbers on the scale for a while now–I’ve taken off 50 pounds, after all, and even better, I’ve kept them off.  I think I needed that period in between, if only to adjust to a new normal.  Now, however, I feel ready to

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Happy Monday

This week’s winners in our ongoing contest are: Gale Sroelov and Caryn Horn, both of whom will receive a signed copy of my latest book, “The Marriage Season”.  As always, a new round begins today–comment, and you’re in.  :)  Two NEW winners will be chosen at random, notified by Jen, and announced right here this coming Monday.

It was a quiet Fourth–blessedly quiet–here on the Triple L.  I read, walked the dog (repeatedly), pedalled industriously on my exercise bike to earn my 100% on my Activelink bracelet, and, yesterday, bestirred myself to visit the nail salon for a badly needed glamming

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.