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A Few Saturday Notes

Recently, I mentioned a book I read, called “Little Girls”.  I’ve finished it now, and I’ve got to tell you two things: first, there is some very disturbing stuff in the story and, second, the ending is pretty ambiguous.  You are, of course, perfectly capable of deciding what you want to read.  :)  So, this is merely a heads up.  If you’re into horror, you will probably like this book.  While I happen to love ghost stories and various kinds of suspense, I’m not so big on horror.  Up to you.  Please take note: I am not panning this author’s book–I

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Various and Sundry Things

Judging by the comment section, it seems to be time I updated everybody on the Hallmark project currently in the works.

Some time ago, Hallmark purchased the rights to my Big Sky series, with a plan to make a TV movie revolving around the characters.  If the movie is successful, there will probably be a weekly series to follow.  (Naturally, I’m hoping that happens!)  The deal was made months ago, but there are apparently delays are the nature of the beast–I was supposed to see a script by last Thanksgiving, but nothing arrived.  Since several of my friends have similar

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The typical Pony Express rider was nineteen years old and made $100-$150 per month plus room and board.