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Tomatoes on the Move

My tomato plants have gotten so big that they had to be transplanted from the Aerogarden set-up to pots.  Jeremy is doing the hands-on work–adding stakes and moving the whole works to my very small and unfancy but perfectly workable greenhouse, out by the barn.  In place of the tomatoes: zinnias! 

None of these lovelies can be planted in the ground until around Mother’s Day, but it’s good to have them off to a running start.  I have two Aerogardens now and another on the way; my plan is to raise salads year-around for personal consumption.  :)  One set of seed-pods

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But she NEVER blogs on Wednesdays!

Never say “never”.  Here I am!

As you long-timers will know, Wednesday is my Weight Watchers meeting, and I usually don’t get around to blogging that day.  Why aren’t I at WW, you may ask?  (And, NO, I definitely haven’t given up on it; by now, WW is more than a diet to me, it’s a way of life.)  I’m staying home today because I’m working straight through the week on a novella called “Interlude”.  The story will appear as a part of Brenda Novak’s wonderful collection of stories, from which all of the proceeds will go to a VERY

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.