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About “Interlude”

My story, “Interlude”, will be featured in Brenda Novak’s collection entitled “Sweet Talk”.  It’s an e-book and will not be available in any other format as far as I know.  The collection will be released on May 1, but it is already up for pre-orders on all the usual e-book sites–Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

This never-before-published novella is a modern-day Western, featuring Cassidy McCullough, who has come home to the family ranch outside Busted Spur, Arizona to prepare for her upcoming wedding to–totally the wrong man.  Oh, Michael is nice enough.  He’s smart, successful, and good-looking.  Trouble is, he’s

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It’s official….I’m an Audible.com ADDICT

No, seriously.  I renew my annual membership, like, every other month!  It’s getting scary.  I simply consume audiobooks–words in, words out, that’s my excuse.  I seem to crave words.  I would breathe them if I could, absorb them through the pores of my skin—today, for instance, I ordered at least six of the things, which would be all right, I suppose, if I hadn’t ordered at least that many yesterday.  I should become a stockholder!

Alas, I have no desire to be cured.  :)

Now, for Monday business: our winners this week are: Laurie Gommermann and Lynn Velthouse.  Congratulations, ladies!  Your

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.