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Deep Breath, Part 2

So far, so good.  :)  On New Year’s Eve, I put twelve white votive candles on a circular mirrored plate, one for each month of 2015.  A large center candle, also white, stood in the center, welcoming the coming year as a whole, and still another white candle represented 2o14.  The latter was a way of saying good-bye and thank you to the old year, with all its ups and downs, joys and sorrows.  Life, after all, is made up of both.  I wrote out some intentions (forget resolutions, I never keep them) on index cards and, with prayer and reflection,

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Deep Breath….

OK, so I wrote this very chatty blog entry on New Year’s Day, filling you in on my holidays (quiet and marvelous) and describing my personal N.Y’s Eve ceremony in intricate detail–AND the whole works disappeared into the Black Hole that is cyberspace!

I’m normally a pretty tough ole cowgirl, but let me tell you, that got my goat.  Cursing Bill Gates under my breath, I shut down my computer–swearing to switch from this PC to a Mac, pronto–shut off the lights, closed my office door (so the dog wouldn’t sneak in and pee on the hardwood floor) and

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.