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A small retraction :)

Per my dear friend, Pastor Jean Barrington, who would certainly know, I goofed on my earlier entry, referring to January 6 (today) as the 12th Day of Christmas.  Turns out, it’s the day after the 12th–so I’m celebrating the 13th Day of Christmas, I guess.  :)  Thanks, for the gentle correction, Jeanie!

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Today, of course, is the 12th day of Christmas, also know as Epiphany.  This morning, before sunrise, I read the last entry in my special Advent devotional and lit the four candles–almost time to put the holder and other accessories aside–for the next to the last time this season.  I plan to relight them tonight and let them burn down to stubs before bidding this particular tradition a fond farewell–for now.  I can admit it; I hate to let them go.  :)  Fortunately, I still have my New Years set-up, because I love the sacred and festive sense I get from

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.