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Blood Moon

I seldom get up as early as I did this morning–and I am for the most part a VERY early riser–but today I rolled out of the sack at approximately 12:30 am, having set the alarm on my phone to make it happen.  Why?  Well, I wanted to see the lunar eclipse, the “blood moon”, which occurs, as most of you probably already know, when the Earth is directly between the sun and the moon, thereby blocking out the latter with its shadow.  It’s definitely an impressive sight, well worth losing a couple of hours of sleep.  (As it happened,

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When some calcium showed up on my recent mammogram, I was scheduled for a needle biopsy.  The procedure was performed on September 30–and I gotta tell ya, as awful as the procedure sounds, it wasn’t all that bad–and then it was a waiting game.  I wasn’t particularly worried, but still….

The results were supposed to come back within 3 to 5 days, but they didn’t.  Seeing my doctor for a routine follow-up to my annual physical this morning, I asked if she’d heard anything.  She hadn’t, and we agreed that, this being October 7, the report was overdue.  Dr. S

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From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.