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The winners….

Congratulations to Ginny and to Diane Blaser.  :)  You’ll be receiving your autographed books soon.

I think I might have gotten off that darn plateau at last–tomorrow’s weigh-in at Weight Watchers will tell the story.  :)

I’ll be traveling Thursday and Friday, so there probably won’t be a blog for those days, but I will do my best to check in tomorrow.  I’m headed for a glitzy party thrown by my good friends Steve and Robin Black at their fabulous winery, Uptick Vineyards.  I’ll be seeing other dear friends as well–Debbie and Wayne Macomber, Bill Francis and Renae Kinsey, and Bob and

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You heard it here first! (I hope)

At last, at last, I am free to tell my secret!  The Hallmark Channel is putting together a made-for-TV movie based on my Parable books–and if things go well, meaning, I suppose, if the ratings are high enough (cross your fingers, please), a weekly series will follow!  Yeehaw!!!  This is ONLY the fulfillment of a country girl’s lifelong dream, as you can imagine.  I’ve known the project was in the works for some time now, but I was sworn to secrecy, so “mum” was the word.  The folks at the network have told me there will be a script by

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.