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How high’s the water, Mama? or So this is Friday…

(With nods to my late friend, the one and only Johnny Cash, and to John Lennon, whom I never met, unfortunately.  And he was my favorite Beatle, too.)

Virtual Linda’s water is, presently, at thigh level–two feet high and risin’  :) As for the Friday-ness, well, as I’ve said before, I can’t believe how often it comes around.

On Monday, I’ll be announcing this week’s book winners and the new contest begins the same day.  Just comment, and you’re entered.  (Though it would probably behoove you to say something nice.  :) )  Winners are chosen at random, but Our Jenni is in

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Hydrated to my shins and other news

Hey, some days I come up with better topics than others.  :)  Today’s blog title refers to my newest toy, an iPhone app called WaterMinder, as I believe I mentioned on Monday.  Interestingly, I’ve taken to downing a couple of big glasses of H2O before I even have my morning coffee–I wake up thirsty.  Since ordinary water lacks pazzazz ( and I MUST have pazzazz), I’ve been adding sugar-free flavorings of the kind one usually adds to java.  Works like the proverbial charm, for me at least.

Weight Watchers?  Don’t ask.  I started exercising again this week, on a regular basis,

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.