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It’s Friday again? You’re kidding me….

Where do the days go???  Five minutes ago, it was Monday!

I had the BEST writing day yesterday–really made some progress.  I plan to write today and take the weekend off to do crafts, watch videos on Joggles.com, among other sites, and listen to at least one audio-book.  :)  I just finished a sort-of suspense novel called DON’T TRY TO FIND ME, and it was pretty good.  It’s a family-in-crisis story, about a 14 year old girl who runs away from home, and what her parents go through trying to find her.  Rough going at times, because running away is never

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Today’s news from the Triple L (so far)

I got up early today, in order to have plenty of time for my spiritual practice and still get in some hefty chunks of writing time.  I lit candles–I love the mood candlelight creates, especially when it’s dark out–a sort of cozy reverence that settles my ADD-riddled brain considerably.  :)

Things went VERY well at Weight Watchers yesterday–I was down 4.4 pounds!  YES!  (As I suspected, last week’s nominal gain wasn’t really added heft, but simply the typical readjustment my body has to make once it is convinced I’m not going to starve.  :) )

I see that some of you are

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The Pony Express was in operation for only nineteen months from April 1860 through October 1861.