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Weekly Weight Watchers Report (And a few random remarks)

Good news on the Weight Watchers front: DOWN 2.4 pounds!  I achieved a certain personal benchmark and rewarded myself with a flashy ametrine necklace from Wonders of the World.  :)  I’ve owned the bling for a week or two, but refused to wear it until I met my mini-goal. 

Wendy, Jenni and I went to lunch at Red Robin after the WW meeting, and I enjoyed French onion soup and a Cobb salad.  Afterward, I stopped by Chico’s, one of my favorite stores, but for once, I didn’t see a single garment I couldn’t live without.  :)  (This is a rare phenomenon;

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All’s well here on the Triple L

Just a note to let you all know I’m fine and will be blogging tomorrow, after Weight Watchers.  :)

The new contest began yesterday, so please be sure to comment.

More news soon, I promise.

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