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-2.4 Pounds!!!!

I can hardly believe it.  I mean, I definitely followed the plan all week, but I sure didn’t expect such results.

A lot of you asked about the stones I was wearing when I conked out–:)–I know what some of them were, of course, but others have slipped my mind.  In tomorrow’s blog, which I certainly hope to get to at a decent hour of the day, I will let you know the answers.  Many of you are looking for help with sleep, and I can recommend something for that–Bloodstone.  Despite its name, this is a lovely stone and it’s

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Do I have a story for you….

Being a gemstone/crystal buff, I regularly receive gemstones, crystals, and related items, such as grids and various pyramid shapes, and this morning was no exception.  Cousin Mary Ann always picks up the previous day’s mail (it arrives late in the afternoon) on her way to the house, and today she brought a package containing several gemstone bracelets I had ordered on eBay.  They are the stretchy kind–I have aspirations to make these myself, and I have the beads for it, but so far I haven’t got around to it–and there were four, one being a gift for my daughter.  I

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.