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I was minding my own business when….

…I blundered at the Thunder Down Under show.  :)

Friends Renae Kinsey and Bill Francis took me to see this wild male-stripper show at the Excalibur in Vegas.  These guys (the performers, not Bill and Renae) are kids, really, albeit very athletic and well-built ones, and since they’re Aussie’s, they have that dry and rather irreverent sense of humor.  And do they ever strip.

So, okay, I really was minding my own business, bundled in my fake fur coat with the light-up Santa Claus pin, being a sport and ever so grateful that the room was essentially dark and absolutely packed

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Coming to you live from Lost Wages, Nevada….


Well, it’s been a fun trip so far, with more excitement coming  soon.

Wednesday night, when we arrived (we being Jenni, Wendy and me), we checked in at the Venetian and basically crashed, we were all so worn out.  The flights themselves were pleasant enough,  but travel is a hassle any way you look at it.  All that hurrying, and the security stuff, and the checking of bags–well, you know what I mean.  :)

Thursday (yesterday) was the much-anticipated Justin Crisis Luncheon out at South Pointe Casino, a happenin’ kind of joint for sure.  The luncheon was great–Michael and Paula Gaughn,

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.