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I’m debating…

Which Native American name shall I give myself?  I mean, if Kevin Costner can be Dances-With-Wolves, well, couldn’t I be Sleeps-With-Stones (lately, I’ve been waking up with two sizable moss agates snuggled close and YES, they sing :)–a lullaby, in fact ).  Or, perhaps, Bathes-With-Stones?  (I put a few favorites–moss agate, carnelian, tiger eye–into my bath water, and add chips of rose quartz to my homemade bubble bath.  I splash amethyst water on my face, too.)  Possibly, Spends-Way-Too-Much-Money-On-Stones would be the best fit?

:) Any or all of the above would work, methinks.

I continue to keep my Gratitude Journal, and

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Congratulations to Darilyn Larsen and Jeanette Garand, this week’s winners.  Each will receive a $50 gift card from either Barnes and Noble or Amazon, along with an autographed copy of “Big Sky Secrets”.


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The typical Pony Express rider was nineteen years old and made $100-$150 per month plus room and board.