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Look out bumper cars, here I come!

There are bumper cars at or near the site of this year’s Lael reunion (I think those sneaky Kramers might be plotting a take-over :)), and there’s a waterslide, too.  I’m taking my swim suit, for sure, although it remains to be seen whether or not I’m brave enough to wear it in public.  I can definitely see myself on the bumper cars, though–we all have orders to go after Cousin Eric–at the request of his wife, Debra.  :)  So, of course, we will.)  Yes, sirree, this is going to be FUN, and I’m definitely up for some of that.  I

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Hanging in there

Well, Buck had to be put down; he was in too much pain and he depended on me to do what needed to be done.  Maybe that’s the greatest act of love we can show a dearly beloved pet–stepping up to do the hard thing when it’s time.  Yes, I cried a lot, and I still cry, because I miss him, our Grand Old Man of the Barn, but the truth is, these are selfish tears.  Buck is in a better place, where the grass is greener and sweeter and the running is good.

I have a certain peace, too,

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From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.