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The winners are….

Congratulations to Michele J and Susan Lee, winners of this week’s contest.  Your books are already on their way–enjoy.

I’m making this short–it’s that kind of day.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Missing Tuesday

Well, actually, I didn’t miss Tuesday–I was here for it, like everybody else, but I didn’t get to blog because I was having internet problems all day long.

Don’t get me started.  :)

What’s on the docket for today?  Writing, of course. 

Maybe some cooking, if I feel especially ambitious.  (The jury is still out on that one.)

I’m enjoying all your comments–keep them coming.  As promised, we’ll be announcing our 2 weekly winners on Friday, and then there will be another contest, so if you don’t win, hang in there.

I get a lot of questions about Mojo and, in

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The Pony Express carried almost 35,000 pieces of mail over more than 650,000 miles during those nineteen months and lost only one mail sack.