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Monkey Mind and Other Stuff

Monkey mind, of course, is a term meditators (and others) use to describe the way one’s thoughts tend to leap, screeching, from limb to limb and tree to tree whenever one is attempting to concentrate on the subject at hand.  As an ADDer, I have first-hand knowledge of the condition.  :)  Meditation helps enormously, but this morning, as I sat in my favorite seat, which I refer to as my Uncle Harry chair because it reminds me of him, my brain was all over the place.  You might say it went ape-s*&t–(sorry, can’t resist the occasional pun).  I just kept going

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Perchance to Dream

I often wonder what my dreams mean–not that I usually remember them at all.  When I do, I figure it must mean something.  I’ve often puzzled over a dream I used to have about Sadie, my late and very beloved beagle–she was driving away in a beige Ford Fairlane, braking for a stop sign, while I pursued on foot, yelling for her to come back.  Instead, she signalled a left turn and pulled on out into light traffic.  :)  She was quite a good driver, for a dog.  I was afraid, for a while, that the dream was a premonition of

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.