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New York, Day 2

This was a free day–I slept in late and then visited one of my favorite shops in the Big City, a little nook called, “The Ink Pad”.  As you might guess, this is a rubber stamp store, but there are other intriguing art supplies available there, too.  Once I’d made my purchases, I taxied back to the hotel–the Westin, on Times Square–dumped the goodies out on my bed, and started playing.  :) 

Lovely, lovely flowers arrived from my agent, Irene Goodman, and from Harlequin, my publishers.  I also bought a big bouquet of peonies at a corner market, along with a

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About New York….

I know I promised the first installment yesterday, but, alas, I got so into my writing that, by the time I was finished for the day, I was clean out of energy.  :)  My health has improved enormously in recent days, however, and I’m both thrilled and grateful.  I’m not sure what was actually wrong–the physical was entirely normal (another reason to be thankful), but I was really dragging there for a while.

Wendy and I left the house EARLY on the morning of May 27, headed for the Big Apple.  Normally, I would write a special blog for Memorial Day,

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.