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You are all a blessing

Have a good weekend, my dear friends.

I’ll be working, but it’s no great hardship, so don’t feel sorry for me.  :)  I expect to finish “Big Sky Secrets” on Monday, and that’s sure exciting.

Plans for next week include an accupuncture treatment–I’m really looking forward to the experience.  It helps, too, that my practitioner is Cousin Eric’s wife, Debra. 

I finally finished “The Lincoln Letter” last night, and WOW, what a great book.  I have become a big fan of author William Martin, and plan to read his other books as well.  His writing is so crisp, so vivid, that

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Sunshine Returns to Spokaloo

Yeehaw!  I love me my sunlight–although I do tend to whine if it gets too hot outside.  :)

This morning, I decided to try something a little different re: my meditation time, so I sat on the deck in one of the rocking chairs (it’s been too rainy to do that for quite some time now), listened to Gregorian chants (basically priests singing in Latin) and watched the sky change.  And it was a marvelous show–some of the clouds were pearly gray underneath, while others might have been swabbed with the most delicate of watercolors, pink and gold and pale apricot

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The typical Pony Express rider was nineteen years old and made $100-$150 per month plus room and board.