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Short but sincere

I had hoped to have more time for this blog, but I’m in a rush–even after packing and preparing most of yesterday and getting up at 4 this morning–I have just 20 minutes until I have to leave.  Headed for New York–yeehaw!!!–and the big Books Exposition America convention. 

I’ll do my best to blog while I’m there, but you know how sketchy THAT can be!  :)

Gotta go and spend a little time reassuring a certain Yorkie–

More blog ASAP.


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A Birthday Wish and a Prayer for the Tornado Victims

Sally Jean, my dear sister, a very happy birthday to you.  I love you–you are a treausre and a gift, and our time together is precious to me.  Thanks for being you.

Frankly, I just expected to write a happy birthday post for my Sis–I wasn’t expecting (were any of us?) the wholesale destruction in and around Oklahoma City.  I have some very special friends there and, thankfully, they came through this storm of storms unscathed.  But the loss of life and property is absolutely overwhelming!  Video of that tornado–TWO MILES WIDE!–is terrifying.  Neighborhood after neighborhood has been leveled.  Survivors

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.