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The One Where Linda Prays for a Woodpecker

OK, so you all know that Woodie (Woodena?) Woodpecker has been driving me crazy for days, right?  Lately, as my quick-witted mother would say, it’s been a short drive.  Woodena seemed determined to build her nest inside the metal chimney (whatever happened to making a nice little home of twigs and string in trees?), so you can imagine the racket.  (Think miniature jackhammer.)  The enterprise began promptly at sunrise and knocked off around five in the afternoon, a good, long work day.  I’d mutter, stomp outside, hit the side of the house with a broom handle or a book, in

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A Productive Monday!

Even though I had to pick up my meds–this is something I THOUGHT I had to do personally but, thank heaven, I was wrong–I got some writing done!

Back home, I went straight into my wonderful new office and finished a chapter !  Yeehaw!  I’m loving this book.  My health hasn’t been the best lately but, praise the Lord, I’m feeling SO MUCH better.

When the work was finished, I made more soap.  I love making soap–though I give it away like mad.  After all, how much can one person use???  Even though my new bathroom is almost finished, and

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.