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On Track

My new exercise bike is being assembled even as we speak, and when I’m done with today’s writing, I’ll be able to break it in!  Yeehaw!  Never thought I’d be excited about EXERCISE, of all things.  :)

I am definitely excited about the shipment of flower seeds I received in yesterday’s mail, too.  Jeremy and I are planning to scatter poppy seeds at the top of the draw as soon as it’s warm enough–and that’ll be a while, methinks, since the weather is a little above freezing and around here most people plant after Mother’s Day.  We’re starting seeds pretty soon,

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Monday greetings

Winter is in full swing here on the Triple L–we haven’t had a LOT of snow, but it’s pretty steady.  Thank heaven for the Canadian Wrangler, the tractor, and the plow blade.  :)

It was a quiet weekend, except for a brief and fruitless visit to the casino.  Oh, well, I enjoy it, anyway.

I’ve listened to two full books in the past several days–“The Art of Hearing Heartbeats” and “What Happened to My Sister?”  Both are excellent.

On the topic of favorite books–I have a number of faves, as you probably do.  I loved “Gone With the Wind”, of course,

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.