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Do I ever feel pressured?

That question came from the comment section, which I read and take to heart, by the way. 

The answer is, yes, deadlines can weigh very heavily on my mind–if I let them.  Recently, I’ve been working hard to shift out of that hurry-hurry mode, and the thing that works for me is prayer.  I ask for help.  It’s really so simple–why is it so hard to just do it???  I’ve been a believer since I was ten years old (that seems to have been a pivotal age for me, since it was also when I began writing stories), but for

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My favorite outlaw

That would be Sawyer McKettrick.  :)  He’s the hero of “An Outlaw’s Christmas”, which went on sale yesterday.  It’s an old-time story, complete with a country schoolmarm, pretty Piper St. James, who dreams of falling in love with a good man who isn’t an outlaw, some precocious kids, and a few animals to take up long-term residence in your heart.   Those of you who read “A Lawman’s Christmas”, last year’s story, will enjoy seeing Clay McKettrick and his bride, Dara Rose, again.  Those of you who didn’t might want to pick up the paperback version, available right now or very soon. 

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Texas was the most active gunfighting state, with some 160 shoot-outs from the 1850’s through the 1890’s.