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One of THOSE days

Yesterday wasn’t a BAD day–I don’t have those, subscribing, as I do, to the philosophy that if I can open my eyes in the morning and get out of bed, it’s a good day.  :)

It would be more apt to say that yesterday was an inconvenient day.  Murphy’s Law, run amok–if anything could go wrong, it did.  Small things, granted–but those are very the things that drive me crazy.  For instance, I was writing away, and my computer decided to do this totally weird thing, and solving the problem (thank you, Rachel Burchot at Harlequin) took precious time.  Things spilled,

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“Lindy, study up on your rodeo”

This very good advice showed up in a letter from my stepmother–I’m checking Amazon to see if there’s a book called “Rodeo for Dummies”!  What was I thinking?  Who knows–bullriding is my favorite event so I have no excuse. 

Once again, my fault.  :) You won’t see that particular mistake again–but probably new ones.  :)

Today is an exciting day for me, because I’m back on BistroMD, usually referred to as the D.I.E.T., and instead of feeling restricted, etc., I feel so much freer–more able to concentrate on other things.  Like my new book.  :)  I love not having to think about food,

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.