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Holy smokes, it’s already Thursday????

It’s almost time to head out for the Big Apple.  Amazing.  The way time works, I’ll be back home in a nanosecond, asking myself how the trip could possibly be over already.  :)

Summer has finally arrived, it would seem.  We’re having hot weather and the plants are soaking up the sunshine.  I smile every morning when I look at the little pot of oregano growing on my windowsill.  The tiny sprouts are always pointed sunward, and I turn the pot so we don’t end up with sideways spices.   Wendy and Jeremy gave me a mushroom patch in a box–which is

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What a writing day!

I was really in the swing yesterday, writing and writing and loving every minute of it.  This Parable crew is a lively bunch!

I’m leaving for New York this Sunday, taking a little vacation, and visiting the Big Apple is always a treat.  It will be hot but, what the heck, we’ll survive.  If Dad were there, he’d say, “Tough up, Sis.” 

As always, I will TRY to blog while I’m away, but I can’t guarantee anything.  :)  You know me–I always seem to run into technical difficulties.  For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I’ll be posting pictures

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.